I spent the summer of 2012 painting and creating in a lake cabin so small that my bedroom, living room, dining room and art studio were all the same space.  That summer I painted a number of watercolors inspired by my surroundings.

I decided that fat birds needed a direction so I created them in the likeness of various authors and illustrators.  I looked up photos of the different authors and illustrators, chose their defining characteristics and applied those characteristics to the fat bird.  

My frames are made right here in Minnesota.  The prints are miniature versions of my hand drawn and computer colored illustrations.  The assembly process happens right here with me.  I'm very proud to present you with this 100% local artisan made series.

Frame: 5x5 inches

Print: 4x4 inches \\ printed with epson clarion archival ink on epson premium paper

This series took place the summer of 2012.  It represents a time of transition in my artistic journey.